Orchid Orb Making & Show Display / ラン展

Last week was an interesting week since it was the first time for me to experience a display change at the Longwood. Christmas’s been over, next one is one of the most popular Longwood shows, Orchid. I helped making a big orchid orb.





Roots are covered by used stockings! 根は中古のストッキングでカバーします!


More than a hundred orchids in one orb. 1つのオーブに100個以上のランが使われます。


The show change was quiet but exciting. A lot gardeners from different parts of the gardens worked in the conservatory this week helping the change. During our orb activity, which took nearly one and half days, other changing have been done by those different teams.



My favourite orchid decoration is the silver garden. It is now full of various Vanda. What is fascinating for me is not only the number of varieties of Vanda I’ve ever seen, but also their very precise height and distance settings and arrangement of colours. This design matches, in particular, with this silver garden because of less range of colours plants here have and its asymmetry planting pattern.





There are really a lot of unique orchids everywhere in the conservatory. I am glad to be here this time of year and looking forward to learning about orchids more when I have time with an orchid grower, Greg, soon!


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