Arborist Rotation – Almost time for me to make like a tree……

My final rotation during my time here at Longwood has been spent with working with the arborists.  This gave me an excellent insight into the incredible work they do and best of all got to see some pretty cool machinery in action.

This particular tree was a complete removal.

This particular tree was a complete removal.


My first week with the arborists, we had a cherry picker or power lift booked in for some high work in the tree’s.  These machines are such a handy machine to use to reach all those dead branches right up towards the top of the tallest tree’s.  At full extension this machine can reach upto 92 feet!

As you can see from this photo it was a good job the tree was felled at this point as almost the entire centre of the tree was rotten.


We then moved onto dead branch removal and crown cleaning in a different tree, this meant one thing.  There was a lot of brush to be chipped, we fired up the ‘little chipper’


When there was a slightly bigger job with bigger logs that needed chipping, the big chipper and the chip truck would come out, along with the dingo.


The dingo is a clever little machine, basically a hydraulic grapple that come in very handy when loading bigger branches into the chipper saves a lot of man handling and saves time.

DSCN5750 DSCN5753

Onto another week now and we had a truck crane booked in for work that even the 92ft power lift cherry pickers couldn’t reach,  the crane is mainly used to hoist the climber near the top of tree to give easier access to the branches I need of attention but is also used to hoist cut dead/unwanted braches from the top of the tree in a safe manner.



The finished effect, very in keeping seating for the woodland area.

This was the trunk that was left after one of the removals, the arborists had some fun this day carving seats into the side of the trunk.


I was also lucky enough to be involved in some of the arborists air spade project, the idea of air spading is, to replace low nutrient compacted soil with fresh soil.  This is carried out using a high pressure air hose to blast the old soil away from the roots.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Longwood for such a fantastic experience, I have learnt so much.  I have made genuine friends for life and the whole TRIAD experience has been one that I will never forget.

Now its time for me to make like a tree and leaf back to the UK and get back to work at the beautiful Hidcote Manor Garden. LUCKY ME! 🙂

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