Goodbye for now Japan.

It has been a little over 3 weeks now since I left Japan and embarked on what felt like the longest journey of my life, flying from Tokyo to Philadelphia via Seattle and Minneapolis.

The last couple of weeks in Japan were rather hectic,  we not only tried to cram in as much as possible but we also had the International Symposium which was a privilege to attend.

In the week leading up to the Symposium we were lucky enough to spend some more time in Kyoto, Mori-san was kind enough to arrange or us to visit two very important Japanese Gardens, both as impressive as each other the first was Shugakuin Imperial Villa, the most impressive part about this garden was that your view was obstructed from the main view until you could enjoy it to its fullest.  Quite an impressive view!

DSCN4395The following day we were also lucky enough to visit Saiho-ji more commonly know as ‘Kokedera’ meaning ‘Moss Temple’ for obvious reasons, on the day we visited the weather was dreadful, but somehow the rain made the garden feel even more magical.

DSCN4352 The rest of the week was spent working in the Japanese Garden within Umekoji Park, where we learnt a variety of traditional Japanese skills.

DSCN4721The following week we attended the International Symposium held at the International conference centre at Awaji Yumebutai.  A very interesting day which included my first experience of simultaneous interpretation.

In our final week as mentioned above we wanted to see as much as we could, we took a trip to Okayama to visit one Japans most famous gardens Okayama Korakuen.  The journey was slightly longer than expected but was most definitely worth it.


We took one last trip to Kyoto to see Byodo-in, which is made famous as the temple itself is featured on the back of the 10yen piece, we visited here just at the right time. Quite spectacular!


One Garden I definitely wanted to see before leaving Japan was Ryoan-ji, the very famous stone garden, the atmosphere here was so relaxed you could have heard a pin drop.  Probably one of my favourite gardens

DSCN4934Living, working a travelling in Japan has been an experience I will never forget, I met some truly wonderful people and have seen some of the most beautiful places in the world.  Thank you to everyone that made my time in Japan so unforgettable.  I will be back one day.



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