one of my favorite morning at Princess of Wales Conservatory illuminated by natural light.  Begin to work with nice music


“”one of nice things of Triad program is

to be able to meet lots of plants people from around the world.””



★Princess of Wales Conservatory = POW

POW was opened in 1987. 10 landscape zones house plants from cool deserts to tropical mountains,cloud forests and rain forests.



***  ORCHID  ***

★ Tropical Nursery


many variety of orchids arranged for visitors.

There are 5 zones ( different habitat ) of Orchid in Tropical nursery. RBGK has many epiphytic orchid.

●Process of cultivating orchid

at nursery:collecting seed⇒at Lab:sowing seed & germinate ⇒at nursery: seedling “in the cage”(see photo above) for 6weeks⇒at nursery: seedling in a pot in the greenhouse.


seedling mix soil is changed about every 6 weeks so that to prevent from rotting its  roots.


Orchid makes bulb once per year and new bulb is  bigger than the bulbs before and old bulbs are dying and passing its energy to new generation. this is good example.


repotting with seedling mix soil ( fine bark × pearlite= 1:1 )


After repotting, many babies are there 😉



★POW                                                             ”preparing for Orchid Festival”

 Now is the time of Orchid Festival held in any Botanical Gardens in the world ! (at least Botanic Gardens in Japan and Longwood Gardens in USA!) At RBGK in the UK, we could join preparing Orchid Festival which has started since Feb 7.

theme:「pollination & color』

●Making a part of display ~putting moss onto tropical plants

Most of time when we were at POW, we worked with moss with many excellent volunteers. The festival is supported by them.


preparing before cooking!


●Recipe~ how to make a piece of decoration with Moss and tropical plants


add wire to pot and make it like this shape to hang it onto pillar.


Sphagnum Moss…. the reason why using moss is because 1) keep moisture 2) make it look nice


add moss around the pot and tie it with rubber band.



⇒ these are going to… ↓↓


this pillar


on the way to complete displaying! ( left )



★Tropical Nursery

●Making Hanging basket of Orchid

At Nursery,  one of great Orchid specialist of RBGK gave us the demonstration!


Stanhopea wardii


sewing kit… big needle made in India is the best tool for making orchid hanging basket.


Hitomi is good at sewing. it needs to make it tight because this orchid is epiphyte.


After making hanging Baskets, there are going to be done like this.


 ::::::::::::::::::::::::Highlight of RBGK:  Orchid Delivery ::::::::::::::::::::::::

We could see many variety of orchids at RBGK. Orchid used for Festival was delivered.



one day, orchid and some tropical plants were delivered after 4:00pm and as soon as orchid arrived, it was unpacked by staffs quickly. it was little snow outside.


Vanda… the most expensive orchid for festival.


●Tidying Up


I was in a Jungle seeing the pond !

Before & After




 ::::::::::::::::::::::::Highlight of RBGK:   Break Time (TEA Time)::::::::::::::::::::::::

There are 2 times of Break Time at RGBK. each place has each work time but everyone says 『TEA Time』=Break Time in England;))  I went outside sometime, looking around the garden without TEA.


Grass Garden seen from Davis Alpine House.




●Creating Tropical Flower Tower

We had a opportunity to assist creating Tropical Flower Tower.


the pond which is normally used as Waterlily’s ,such as Nymphaea thermarum the world’s smallest water lily and etc, display.



let’s get onto the water!



★Herbarium & Library


The new wing of the Herbarium Library Art and Archives building was built to house expanding collections.



● Margaret Mee ( Botanical Artist ) ‘s illustrations

Margaret Mee(1909-1988) who is well known as outstanding Botanical Artist exploring to the Brazilian rainforest and drawing illustrations of plants of Amazon from 1956 to 1988.  To see her original illustrations was one of my dream… Thanks to great staffs of RBGK, my dream came true! ! !


the illustrations are strictly stored by librarians.


we are not allowed to speak when seeing the illustrations closer.


so beautiful… Aechmea rodriguesiana painted by Margarret Mee in 1977

***we can enjoy seeing Botanical Art at The Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art and Marianne North Gallery in RGBK



“”one of nice things of Triad program is

to be able to meet lots of plants people from around the world.””

I’ve been meeting lots of Plants People so far.  I could meet many of them while I was at RGBK as well. Some of them are friends of friends who I met at Longwood Gardens in USA! some of them already have known Hitomi and me (Triad trainees)before we met in the UK. ” it’s a small world.” They love plants! they share their ideas! take us to pub! haha

Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity!

Thank you for reading :)

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