Production at Longwood Gardens

Nick and I have embarked on the third leg of the Triad journey- back in good ole Kennett Square, Pennsylvania! Our first weeks here have been busy and full of nostalgia. It’s fantastic to be back where we started and share all that we’ve learned with the Longwood community.

For the last few weeks, I have worked with the Production team in the deliverance of Orchid Extravaganza.  As we prepared for the installation, we said ‘sayonara’ to the Christmas display.


The beautiful, miniature Poinsettia standards on their way out.


One of the new installation pieces to be placed in the Exhibition Hall.

Thousands of plants are grown on our property within the greenhouse complex, located below the Conservatory, or at the Nursery, located across the highway. In either location, it’s the Production team’s mission to have all plants delivered from the greenhouse bench to the Conservatory for installation.


How do we do that, exactly?  Sometimes, plants are loaded onto cannon carts, or trolleys (as you can see below) and covered to protect the plants from cold weather. Then, we load the carts onto a box car, or small lorry, and drive them to the Conservatory door.  Other times, plants are loaded onto electric carts and driven to their new location.


Calla lilies, or Zantedeschia, are loaded onto the back of the box car and delivered to the main Conservatory.


Roldana is carried via electric cart to the Conservatory.

From the Conservatory door, we transport each cart to the plant’s prospective location. In the picture below, you will notice the Zantedeschia cart (from above) waiting to be off-loaded and planted into newly prepared beds.


Here, we have a view of what the same walkway looks like after completed installation:


When deliveries are finished for the day, we are basking in the glory and scents of the warmest greenhouse…just kidding! Actually, we continue working on projects for the next seasonal display.

For example, we produced 12 (blue) Hydrangea baskets. Each basket is carefully made with 25 individual plants, sphagnum peat moss, and special made soil.



We also prepare for Spring crops, such as anemones.

Thousands of anemone corms waiting to spring into action!

IMG_0089IMG_0088 Thousands of anemone corms waiting to spring into action, while another group of anemones are showing off their color!

The Production team is consistently busy with deliveries, projects, and growing crops. I like to say, “we are busy as Tomoko-san over here!”

Here is a look at other crop plants growing in the greenhouses:

Freesia, staked for support.

Freesia, staked for support.

Clerodendrum standards.

Clerodendrum standards.

Narcissus 'Tete-a-tete'.

Narcissus ‘Tete-a-tete’.

Echium waiting to spike.

Echium waiting to spike.

Lillium nearly flowering.

Lillium nearly flowering.

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