Being Welcomed into the ALPHA Family

As if Phil and I didn’t already feel very welcome here on Awaji Island where everyone has been so kind and hospitable to us since our arrival, the students here at ALPHA threw us a welcome party yesterday evening to help us settle into the student accommodation. We met a lot of very interesting students and professors and were very touched by the efforts the students went to. We also got to taste a number of authentic Japanese foods, with each of the attendees bringing a different homemade dish for the table. My favourite was the pudding – a jelly-like dessert made from powdered green tea but surprisingly with a strawberry flavour. Delicious. Or should I say ‘oyshi’?


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One comment

  1. Sian Harris

    How lovely! What wonderful people you are meeting there. Hope you are collecting their authentic recipes to try out at home! X Sian

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