Christmas at the Botanical Museum

The American Triads have found the Christmas spirit in Japan. During the previous two weeks, Kiseki no Hoshi has turned over the chrysanthemum display to Christmas.

The team began the process with removal of plants and large structures.

imageThe foundation of the Christmas display was then added. Notice the extra-large tree, the hardscaping, and the planting schemes.


The display details were then refined- ornaments were added, snow was created, lights were hung, etc…

..image   It snows inside here!!


Nick and I were able to help with many projects. The largest and most time consuming task was to plant the numerous plants in the correct scheme.




The completed main exhibit!image

After this hard work was complete, we moved on to other areas of the museum to foster Christmas spirit.


Next, we worked on a particularly challenging project- the miniature town. Our objective was to create a story with the miniature people, while adding plants with silver foliage and fluffy white flowers to create the effect of snow.

First, we completed the hardscaping of the town square. Each stone was laid by hand!


Then, we designed the gardens and added the town’s people.

imageWhat do you think? As we were working, visitors would claim, “kawii” which is the Japanese term for cute or adorable.


  1. Douglas Needham

    It’s great to see you in the midst of “Christmas changeover” in Japan, too! Thanks for sharing. We look forward to having you back at Longwood soon.

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