Garden Hopping

Although Japan has had the VongFong Typhoon hovering above our heads for days, Nick and myself have managed to explore different gardens and culturally significant sites.

Our first stop was Himeji Castle. As a fine example of Japanese architecture, this property serves as an UNESCO World Heritage site.


Then, we strolled across the castle grounds to the neighboring garden, Kokoen. As we continue to study Japanese style gardens, fundamental elements become more apparent. For example, tobiishi, or stepping stones are a prominent feature.


Bamboo fences, ponds, and stone lanterns are among other important garden features in Japan.

imageimage image








On the following day, we had the pleasure of visiting Mt. Rokko’s Herb Garden and the Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden with Kubota-Sensei.

In order to visit the Herb Garden, we had to travel by ropeway, so we were able to see wonderful views of Kobe City.

image image

The garden was heavily influenced by Western-styled gardens and contained a set of glass houses.

image image image

Afterwards, we drove to the opposite side of the mountain and enjoyed a delicious meal, which was grilled by Kubota-Sensei!


With more energy to explore, we visited the Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden.









Our day ended with another astounding view of Kobe City.  Thank you to Kubota-Sensei for the unforgettable experience.


Also, many thanks to Mori-san for taking us to Himeji Castle and Kokoen Gardens. You are a great tour guide!


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