Lost Gardens of Heligan

Heligan was the seat of the Tremayne family for over 400 years but, as staff were enlisted to Britain’s World War 1 campaign, the gardens became neglected, overgrown and eventually forgotten. In 1990, when John Nelson and Tim Smit discovered a small, overgrown walled garden behind a derelict cottage, the ‘Lost Gardens of Heligan’ were rediscovered. Over the past 25 years the walled gardens have been restored to their former glory and now thousands of visitors flock each year to see the vegetable garden, flower garden, Italian garden and melon yard nestled within. Outside of the garden walls are stunning views of the fields and sea beyond as well as a trail of natural sculptures by 2 Cornish artists.



  1. Paul Kuenstner

    Rhiannon – interesting story about the garden and beautiful pictures too. Thanks for contributing so much to the TRIAD program. it’s gratifying to follow our Fellows and learn along with them.

  2. AliG

    Very, very different from the last time I visited, I think the year it opened and it was still pretty much a jungle, looking forward to seeing it again!

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