Wisley While You Work

This week, Christina and I had the opportunity to spend a week working at RHS Wisley. Each day, we rotated to a different department to see the daily operations at Wisley.


Applied a new layer of gravel to the Mediterranean area with the formal team. So much character building!


Digging out and cutting back bamboo with the herbaceous team.


Espalier training on a cherry tree with the fruit team.

Besides being an excellent display garden, Wisley also conducts trials for cultivars to determine if they are worthy for an Award of Garden Merit (AGM). I was fortunate enough to be with the trials team on the day that there was an assessment for the Dahlia trial. Nurserymen, gardeners, and enthusiasts who have a keen interest of Dahlias judged dahlias that nurseries of individuals submitted to be trialed.


The assessment of Dahlia ‘Yellow Sunburst’. One of my favorite of the trials. The flowers were about 12″ or more!


Dahlia ‘Yellow Sunburst’.

Wisley is a massive garden. Over a dozen times, I was lost. Fortunately, there was always something interesting around to admire.


Heliconia pendula in the glasshouse.


Echinacea purpurea and Rudbeckia


Zauschneria californica subsp. Garrettii


Gunnera manicata in the broad walk.

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