Japan Association of Botanical Gardens @Toyama pref

IMG_1232We attended the meeting of the Japan association of botanical gardens in Toyama prefecture on June12-13.

Toyama prefecture which has the sea water depth of 1000m and the alpine altitude 3000m has many variety of plants. In this situation, household distributor was developed there.

DSCN7830 IMG_1168

Lots of representatives of  from around Japanese botanical gardens attended this meeting and exchanged ideas.

At the meeting, the main topics of this meeting is about

1) Biodiversity conservation (Conservation of endangered species)

2) Date base construction of National collection


Cryptomeria japonica which doesn’t give off pollen.


●Botanic Gardens of Toyama●

This botanic gardens is the center of the nine institution related to botanical gardens all around Toyama prefecture.

(HP:http://www.bgtym.org/ ←only Japanese)

IMG_2419 IMG_1194



This institution offers information of research about preservation of plants resources like this.

IMG_2423 IMG_1253

this garden is well known as great cultivation management techniques of Victria cruziana.


IMG_1240Allium giganteum


IMG_1231Musella lasiocarpa



we enjoyed to see around the outside garden riding this bus with driver who introduces about this area including about plants.

fee  100 yen($1).

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