From Awajishima

How do you do, I’m Hitomi Kawasaki. I work as a researcher and a curator of the bonsai in Kyoto.

This time thank you for having “TRIAD fellowship” elect it. At first I thank Mr.Edward C. Johnson san, person concerned all of you.

Awajishima which is a training place of Japan is the historical island where a myth is left.


DSCN6598It is the island that appears in the myth in the Iwaya Port. The mysterious design that the sandstone layer approximately 20 million years ago was exposed to is beautiful.

“Iwaya jinja (Shrine)”

DSCN5732The sunrise rises in the center of the torii in the Vernal Equinox Day and  the Autumnal Equinox Day. Fantastic!

“Izanagi jingu (Shrine)”

One of the Japanese oldest Shinto shrines.



Approximately 900 years years old! The camphor tree of the couple.

“Gossakaito Iseki (Remains)

It is remains of (3c) in the latter half of Yayoi period.


I want to see a UFO.


Fun of the meal !


The sushi is an unrivaled article, too.

I thank for that I can study this sea and mountain in a rich island.

One comment

  1. Christina Olivieri

    Hi Hitomi,
    I am happy to see your experiences! I am looking forward to Japan. Hopefully, we will be able to meet someday.
    Best Wishes,

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