Final Days at Longwood

Centradenia baskets hanging over the display floor.

Centradenia baskets hanging over the display floor.

In a couple of days Christina and I will begin our exciting new journey to England, working and learning at Hidcote Manor. For the last week I have been packed and prepared for our departure. My only goal for the final few days is to enjoy myself while working at Longwood Gardens. This goal is very easy to achieve, as I have been working in Longwood’s Conservatory for eight months now, and it has been an absolute pleasure to have been a part of something so great. It is a blessing to wake up every day and to look forward to going to work especially when working with an amazing group of horticulturists!

From the TRIAD Fellowship I hope to hone my horticultural craft, and to use these experiences to create a garden in which the public will enjoy. I thank Longwood Gardens for the amazing opportunity that it has presented to me and to all my co-workers who have taught me so much these past eight months.

Longwood's Water Lilly Display in September 2013. The water is 30" deep. I'm just short.

Longwood’s Water Lilly Display in October 2013. The Water is 30″ deep. I’m just short.

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